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[15/03/2023] How to Build Deeper Customer Relationships with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is undoubtedly the most discussed machine learning model of today...

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[22/02/2023] Salesforce DevOps Center has arrived.

A few weeks ago, Salesforce, the leading CRM platform, introduced the eagerly awaited DevOps Center...

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[30/01/2023] First, decide what you want from your company. Then tailor your digital solutions accordingly

Why is it important not to limit yourself to changing just the technology?

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[30/01/2023] How do you treat your time?

The time you spend will be gone forever.

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[30/01/2023] Presentation and Speaking Tips 

Handy tips to read before any presentation or meeting, both for the presenter and the audience 🔥...

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[27/01/2023] Automation of testing web applications

Let’s look at what kind of automated test types we are using in our QA.

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[26/01/2023] Agile estimations: how we defined our own best practice

Have you ever struggled to understand how to estimate tasks in an agile project?

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[25/01/2023] Compare The Cost of AWS Lambda, Fargate, and EC2 For Your Workloads

A very high-level and simplified comparison to outline a way to make the comparison.

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[24/01/2023] Přechod na SAP S/4 HANA a jak se na něj připravit?

Poté co původní verze SAP R/3 oslavila letos třicátí narozeniny, pomalu se na výsluní ERP systému dere nová generace systému ERP od SAP, SAP S/4 HANA...

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[24/01/2023] The Future is Now: Why You Need to Plan Your Digital Landscape

In today's digital age, companies must take care and look to the future when designing their digital landscape...

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[23/01/2023] Why Digital Maturity is Dead

In the now worryingly distant past of the 2010s, the term digital maturity was first coined and quickly established itself in the common parlance of business-speak...

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[23/01/2023] Why You Should Be Investing in Relationship Management

Relationship management, in essence, refers to how a business engages with its customers and other stakeholders...

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[09/12/2022] What is Multifactor Authentication for Salesforce?

As of February 2022, Salesforce has redoubled its efforts to get users to commit to MFA. What does it mean?

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[28/11/2022] Is Azure cloud cheaper than on premise?

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform that can provide businesses access to almost any technical service...

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[28/11/2022] Headless not for everyone?

Headless CMS solution isn’t for everyone, but it’ll dominate content for years to come

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[28/11/2022] Headless versus traditional, how to pick your best fit?

Despite what you may have read on the internet, neither traditional nor headless CMS’ is inherently better than the other. Let's show why.

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"poster with a text "covid 19 vaccination portal"

[10/02/2022] Is the Covid-19 vaccination portal simple and for everyone?

The Covid-19 Vaccination Registration website is currently a public administration portal of great importance. Is it accessible to everyone?

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[18/01/2022] The Ministry of Interior's failure in accessibility

Evaluation of the accessibility of the Ministry of the Interior’s website. What problems have we encountered?

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[10/01/2022] State of Web Accessibility in the CR Public Sector

An in-depth insight into the Ministry of Interior's report attempting to map the web accessibility in the Czech Republic public sector...

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[22/12/2021] Challenges of low vision individuals

There are about 1 billion people with some degree of vision loss globally... 

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[25/08/2021] Professional vs. Citizen Development

If you are searching for the right way, how to adopt Low-code, No-code development using Microsoft Power Platform, there are two principal ways: Professional Development and Citizen Development... 

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[19/08/2021] What exactly a content hub is, and why you need one

As little as ten years ago, no one had heard of a content hub. Web pages were made, with copy and images...

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[19/08/2021] How to go headless without loosing your mind

The headless CMS is one of the most exciting developments in digital content management....

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